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Stinne has in a year gone from beeing told by her doctors, that the next stop is a wheelchair and a pension, to stand in weightlifting competitions with kettlebells! All she did was change her conventinal dansih diet with bread, milk and sweets, to paleo.

She began to windsurf, SUP-surf and do crossfit.

She was ill for 5 years with cancer, spondylosis, alopecia, osteoarthrose, osteoarthritis, arthritis rheumatica, obecity, depression and lots more.

She only changed her diet, and it all went away! No medications was used.


She then started to exercize and her life got back to normal- ever better than normal! She felt better than in her 20s!

She then began to educate herself in the fields of dieting, anatomy and various ways to exercize.

She has taught yoga at Esbjerg Youth club and Ollerup Gymnastics School.

She graduated as Kettlebell- and Crossfitnesinstructor in Esbjerg, read Biopathy & Naturopathy in Aarhus, has studied to become a Herbalist, also in Aarhus, and have stydied at Fitness Institute in Copenhagen, so now she is a licensed nutritionist specializing in training, diet and fitness and has taken exam in anatomy and physiology. Last on the CV is Therapeutic Massage Therapist and Aroma therapist.


In the three clinics on Fanø, in Esbjerg or in Copenhagen are offered:

Walk & Talk. Therapie on the beach or in the forest.

Herbal therapie. Get balance in the body with the right herbs and minerals.

Iris analacis. A snapshot is taken of your iris to tell you about your body's constitution.

Massage therapy. Eases tensions and provides well-being.

Aromatherapy. Massages takes even deeper into and works psychologically.

Diet Guidience. Not just paleo, but we look at what is best for YOUR body.


On Fanø is allso offered training in yoga, TRX, kettlebells, crossfitnes and PaleoPowerPlay- indoors or in the woods or on the beach.

Come by the clinic to sign up and learn more about how you can work out in your holiday.


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Stinne Berg

Hovedgaden 107


6720 Fanø


tlf. 24 80 17 87